Liner Notes

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    Cinesoundz writes liner notes for cd and dvd booklets, corresponding with our own productions and other clients´media.

    Liner Notes für Cinesoundz- und Fremdproduktionen von Stefan Rambow, Richart Flimm oder Ron Gissori.

    Animation Classics
    Signor Rossi DVDs
    La Linea DVDs

    Signor Rossi CDs
    La Linea CDs

      Retro Compilations
    Canto Morricone 1-3
    Mondo Morricone 1-3
    Theo Schumann Combo
    Perry Rhodan
    Ein Wigwam Steht in Babelsberg
    Wigwam. Weste(r)n, Weisse Wölfe
    Wigwam, Cowboys, Roter Kreis
    Star Maidens


      Soundtracks & Soundtrack Compilations

    Der Rote Kakadu

    Various Themes (Compilations)

    Beatz of Good Hope
    Rhythm of Peace
    It´s Only a Game